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Gold Is Real Money

How We The People are at war against big banks and big government

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Many people today don’t think about gold much. Far less really think about the U.S. dollar. They assume that there is no need. Ignorance is not bliss. In the future, people will wish they had considered the relationship that gold shares with our currency. For most of U.S. history, money was gold. The dollar was backed by gold, and the paper currency that traded hands were backed by gold held in vaults. It was no coincidence that the U.S. enjoyed a great rise to become a superpower in the world. People wanted our money because they recognized that it was good, honest, and sound money backed by gold. There was a reason and an incentive to save money. Other nations gladly accepted our money – in fact, the U.S. Dollar was so trusted and respected that our money became the world’s Reserve Currency. This means that other nations would buy dollars and keep them as part of their money reserves, right along with their gold holdings. And why not – our money was as good as gold, because it was representative of gold. Over the years, there were some cracks to our system that developed. Finally, in 1971, gold was totally severed from the U.S. dollar. In that year the whole world changed. Our honest money which was so trusted turned into nothing more than worthless paper. The U.S. government and the big banks publicly told everyone that gold was no longer relevant. This was total hypocrisy, since they clung to their own gold reserves. Since 1971, both the government and the big banks have a love/hate relationship with gold. They hate gold when it is in the public’s hands because it represents a threat to their fraudulent paper money system. They secretly love gold when it is in their vaults. You can’t have it both ways. If gold is no longer relevant, the governments and largest banks on earth would get rid of their gold holdings. Instead, they maintain their gold holdings and even add to the gold in their vaults. While the governments of the world and big international banks hold tightly to their gold, we now have this paper currency in our lives. We work for it, spend it, save it, and have a belief that it somehow has value. The problem is that it really has no value. It is worth about as much as Monopoly Money with patriotic images. The only thing that gives it any buying power is our collective belief that it is worth something. Worse still, our government lets the privately owned Federal Reserve print as much money as they would like. This causes inflation and the purchasing power of a dollar to go down all the time. We’ll examine all of this and how this current mess came to be. We’ll look at the players and bad actors in this sorry saga of how our money has been debased from a solid gold backed system to worthless paper currency. We’ll also look at what We The People can do about it to protect ourselves. I admit that this book is not light hearted fun reading. But it is essential reading to understand the current mess we are in, and what may come next for our world, our country, and our family.

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